Best Twitch app on Windows 10

Unstream is an unofficial application for the Universal Windows Platform.

It’s also what I would consider the best Twitch app for Windows 10, It doesn’t have any in app ads to annoy you, And it’s got all the features I need/want in a Twitch app.

So if you’re looking for a Twitch app for Windows 10 devices try out UnStream!

UnStream on the Windows Store

[Outdated] New Server Setup: HAProxy, ZeroTier, KVM, NGINX, WordPress – Part 1

[UPDATE}: Due to problems with KVM on OpenMediaVault that was causing vms to lockup I have switched to unRaid and am going to post a new guide for doing the same setup with UnRaid.

So I thought I’d write a post detailing some of the setups that went into my new servers.

At the start, this project was just about moving my home server from unRaid to something that allowed more configuration and flexibility I spent a reasonable amount of time researching all the different NAS operating systems, including the top ones such as FreeNAS and even some other paid options.

But what I wanted was something based on Debian or Ubuntu, so after a lot of searching and testing, I decided to settle with OpenMediaVault for my new home servers Operating System, It has some elegant features, is based on Debian, and is easy to expand and use as a base.

Step 1: Installing and configuring OpenMediaVault

As you’d expect this starts off with grabbing the OpenMediaVault ISO installer file for their website hereNow because I’m someone who wanted to use the latest version of OpenMedaVault I opted for version 4, it’s not mainstream yet. But it’s been stable for me and based on Debian 9.

To copy the iso to a USB, I used my favourite tool, Rufus. Then after I’d loaded the ISO onto the USB, I just plugged it into my server and used F12 to bring up the boot menu and boot the system from the USB with OpenMediaVault on it.

This will probably never get completed as I have moved back to UnRaid.